Margo Roberts, owner and creator of Bespoke Body and Wellness has a passion for blending oils.


After leaving her job of over ten years as a registered nurse to raise her children, Margo began developing health and beauty products for her family and friends. She has extensively studied properties of natural plant essences and developed recipes for a range of products.

"I consider myself a self taught perfumist."

-Margo Roberts

Through the mindfulness of what she exposes her family to, she adopted the philosophy "What goes on your body goes in your body." She now focuses on essential oils for healing, health and wellness.

She and her husband Alex are the owners of Alma Cafe, Hotel and Restaurant, and Brasa Rotisserie. They live in Minneapolis with their three children and two cats.


"[Margo] is one of those people who radiates kindness and openness..."

- Alma Blog